Medical Grade Displays

FSN Medical Technologies has solutions for managing your operating room video signals. Our products are engineered and built for compatibility with other highly specialized surgical and diagnostic equipment used in surgical suites, operating rooms, emergency rooms, and procedural facilities.


19" FS-Y1901D

FS-Y1901D is a cost-effective solution that delivers all of the features required for digital HD visualization in the surgical environment. It is part of the FSN family of advanced visual integration components for surgery, designed to give medical professionals the clearest images, and complete control of video signals in the OR. User preset modes allow customized profiles (color settings, screen layouts) to be stored and recalled later.

- Specifically designed for displaying surgical images
- Compact size
- Back cover plate helps cleanly manage cables and wires
- Exceptional image quality
- Multi-modality image display for medical applications
- Designed and manufactured for use in the medical OR
- Longer life, cool temperature LED backlight

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24" FS-L2402D

Detect subtle variations in surgical site tissue with motion adaptive deinterlacing and advanced 3D noise reduction. State-of-the-art technology is built into FSN display monitors, ensuring forward compatibility with future video signal standards. FS-L2402D satisfies integrated OR requirements for patient safety, reliability, precision, HD digital images, and unique space requirements.

- Higher brightness and contrast - 600 nits
- Designed and manufactured to FSN’s strict quality standards
- Approved as medical electrical equipment
- Easy to install
- Lightweight to meet boom and spring-arm weight requirements
- Dependable service record in the field
- Calibrated at the factory for optimum HD color and resolution
- Perfect for dual-monitor requirements
- Compliant to safety standards

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26″ FS-P2601D

FSN revolutionized minimally invasive surgery by developing new technologies for OR visualization in surgical suites, operating rooms, emergency rooms, and procedural facilities. FS-P2601D, our 26” medical display features a rugged aluminum housing and protective front AR filter that withstands repeated cleaning and disinfection.

- Display multiple sources, using multiple signal types
- Time-tested in today’s surgical markets
- Preferences for specific surgical procedures can be saved
- Full-featured connectivity options for broad compatibility
- Securely mounts to spring arms using VESA standards
- Wide viewing angle for use in medical visualization applications

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26″ FS-P2602D

Critical OR procedures demand the accurate, real-time, color images delivered with FSN display monitors. This unit incorporates the latest LCD and front filter technology. Its high brightness makes it ideal for the high ambient light conditions found in surgical suites. Glare is minimized for a better picture, and a high contrast ratio provides top-tier image accuracy. User preset modes allow customized profiles (color settings, screen layouts) to be stored and recalled later.

- Detailed, life-like image helps surgeons visualize the surgical site
- Designed to work with all popular endoscopy systems
- Accurate and consistent color with lag-free response
- Helps identify and diagnose tissue conditions
- The fan-less design improves patient safety
- A class 1 medical device delivering superior image reproduction
- Make subtle changes to color, contrast, or brightness
- Slim profile, ergonomic design with medical-grade compliance

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26" FS-P2603D

Integration-ready surgical displays from FSN offer functionality for rapid and seamless deployment in surgical suite applications where many different video signals are present. The luminance and color temperature found in FS-P2603D combine to offer the optimal visualization quality demanded in today’s OR. Settings can be adjusted and saved to match surgical equipment such as endoscopy cameras and fluoroscopy imaging devices. A wide viewing angle lets medical professionals view images from a variety of locations in the OR.

- Compatible with new or existing surgical integration applications
- Full-featured image control, precise surgical site visualization
- Allows mounting on spring arms and surgical booms
- Conforms to Electromagnetic Directive 2004/108/EC and 93/42/EEC
- Medical-grade construction, surgical environment ready
- Certified for near-patient use in the sterile field.

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26" FS-P2607D

Medical Technologies has display monitors that lead the way in technology, clarity, and reliability in today’s interventional procedure facilities and minimally invasive surgery suites. FS-P2607D is our 26” 3D-capable medical display. This unit features advanced motion adaptive deinterlacing, enhanced low-angle processing, improved low-motion detection, and advanced 3D noise reduction. It includes excellent 3D comb filter performance for use with PAL and NTSC applications.

- Multiple 3D formats, parallax adjustment, left/right swap
- 3D mode is turned on for 3D, or off for 2D
- Image consistency and clarity that fosters clinical confidence
- Maximum 3D quality for maximum depth perception
- Refined design using extensive medical industry installations
- Detailed images for today’s MIS procedure room

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32" FS-L3202D

These monitors are designed to reproduce multi-modality imaging, using an extensive selection of input connections, and comprehensive signal timing tables. Picture-in-picture or picture-by-picture screen layouts can be fully adjusted for size and position, giving surgeons the flexibility to work with video images tailored to their preference. FSN display monitors are designed without an internal fan. This eliminates the spread of contaminates and makes the monitor better suited for the sterile field in an operating room.

- Displays live medical video signals at peak resolution
- Image control includes size, position, over scan, zoom, pan, freeze
- Artifact-free images for confident decision making during surgery
- Conforms to Electromagnetic Directive 2004/108/EC and 93/42/EEC
- Compatible with analog or digital video sources
- A high-end visualization system with in-service dependability
- Reduce cable clutter with the back cover plate

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27" FS-L2701DT Touch Screen

FSN’s 27” touchscreen medical display is ideal for manipulating images in multi-modality settings that incorporate endoscopic cameras, ultrasound, cardiology, room or boom cameras, patient vital signs, and more. It displays images in high resolution, and is compatible with major MIS camera systems in use. Enable clinical efficiency and quick OR turnaround with fast disinfection of the smooth front glass surface found on FS-L2701DT.

- Designed for the integrated operating room
- 10 point projected capacitive multi-touch screen
- 800 nits high-bright LED backlight
- Fast, near-zero latency for instantaneous image display
- Calibrated for clinical color and gray scale reproduction
- Surgeon confidence is strengthened with clear visualization

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46" FS-S4601DT Touch Screen

Today’s integrated operating room must allow surgeons to visualize all aspects of a minimally invasive procedure. FS-S4601DT, our 46” touchscreen medical display, shows images with accurate color, and features a multi-touch screen for precise image manipulation. This monitor will display artifact-free, broadcast quality video, with near-zero latency. It offers fast signal recognition using robust built-in timing settings, and uses picture-by-picture to display two video signals from different medical devices on the same screen.

- 10 point projected capacitive multi-touch screen
- 650 nits high-bright LED backlight
- Display live medical video content in hybrid operating rooms
- Consistent color that is calibrated to clinical standards
- Display images from several devices on one screen
- Clarity for surgeon confidence during difficult procedures
- Visualization that supports the best patient outcomes

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31" FS-P3101D 4k

Medical Technologies has developed solutions for dis-playing 4K video signals. This cutting-edge technology has been engineered for medical visualization applications to allow surgeons to see live video images with incredible resolution. It allows the doctor to view intricate hand movements on-screen, and control medical visual content with pinpoint accuracy. FS-P3101D can fine-tune surgical color and layout settings to individual preferences.

- 4K UHD resolution (4096 x 2160 pixels).
- High brightness LED technology.
- DVI and DisplayPort inputs.
- Rapid signal detection, robust mode tables.
- Built to last, rugged aluminum housing.
- Calibrated to clinical color.
- Image mirror, rotate, pan, zoom, freeze, and picture-in-picture.

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55" 4k UHD

This 55” 4K UHD medical display helps doctors focus on critically important procedure decisions, and be confident with precise instrumentation positioning by viewing the highest possible image clarity. Detailed picture quality makes it easier to see recessed surgical-site anatomy under high ambient light environments commonly found in minimally invasive applications. Flexible multi-display technology allows for extensive screen layout options using picture-in-picture, picture-by-picture, and quad screen layouts.

- Ultrahigh resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels).
- High brightness LED technology.
- Quad HD high definition picture.
- Rapid signal detection, robust mode tables.
- Built to last, rugged aluminum housing.
- Calibrated to clinical color.
- Image mirror, rotate, pan, zoom, freeze, and picture-in-picture.

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